To: Kaye, Aurelia, Dia and Hya!

I miss your company very badly
Hope we'll catch up soon or in a jiffy
This is what you get from selling Ariel and Downy
I'll see you all soon when we're not busy

Im in dire need to finish this poem in time
For Iam about to sleep oh my! it's a half past nine
Cakes,pizzas,pasta and ice cream when we dine
Don't you just miss having red or white wine?

Never forget the Tequila,White Russian,Champagne and Baileys
Don't you just love the reddish cheeks after the drink ladies?
We sure are the best buddies
We'll still be friends even when we're mommies! (hehe)

Hoping God will bless our friendship
Never let it sank like the Titanic ship
I'll be here when you need some tip
I'll bring some Tostitos with cheese and salsa dip...

Love you much guys! mwaah!

confused...very confused!

hmmm...I've been busy lately so I haven't been updating my blog...

So! where do I start? (thinking...)

Oh yes Im confused on what to choose...I wanted to have an engagement gift since he was the one who asked me on what I wanted...It got me thinking what do I really want...

I wanted to have a Philip Stein watch and an engagement ring but it would be very expensive to have both... this shouldn't stress me out. So,if you were on my shoe what would you have?

ill fly to the moon this 2009!!

wow! I don't know where to start since my brain is overloaded with words of how I want my feelings to be described.

Merriam Webster couldn't even find the words or haven't invented the words of how I feel now...

Nostradamus didn't even see that coming...and obviously it didn't popped out of David Copperfield's hands.

It's not even written in Wikipedia nor can be read in the World Encyclopedia...

But it was written in the Book of Life and God knew when exactly he'd ask...
A guy I adore and love so much for five years now asked me to marry him....

Yes! I couldn't fathom how overjoyed I am... It really pays to wait.

Thank you so much Lord!

You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance. Lost, injured, hurt by chance. I screamed to the heavens....loudly screamed....Trying to change our nightmares to dreams...The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance our long way home. I was always yours to have.You were always mine.We have loved each other in and out...
in and and out of time.
( an excerpt from Maya Angelou's poem entitled In and out of time )

God knows how much I prayed for this person and how much I love him.

Remember my Barry, my baby, my Juan...

I'll always be yours to have...and I love you with all my heart!

P.s my dear readers please do listen to the song Fly me to the moon while reading this..thanks!

been sick...

Hola my dear readers...!

Been out for almost a week I think. I got tonsillitis and fever and I stayed in bed. Getting up was so tiring but now Im fine and recovering...

Back to writing and thinking of other ways to earn money again...back to my old self! thank you Barry for being there for calling just to check how I was doing. I appreciate it a lot. mwwaaah!

looking back for five minutes...

When I was younger when computers were not that famous...

I used to play dakop2x,patintero,luto2x,or singing the ever famous bombero, bombero may sunog saan saan sa number one, one plus one wonder woman or maria makiling...banana one...mahal mo ba si sharon yes or no...leo leo chip chip chip...and a lot more!

My parents used to call me "the patag girl" for when the clock strikes 6 am I was out playing with my friends and be home by 5pm ready for dinner. I was so dark,my hair was blonde due to the rays of the sun but it doesn't really matter what I look during those days because I had a blast and totally enjoyed my childhood years.

The most memorable one was having breakfast with my friends, we were 12 in the group. We'd have dried fish and rice. Plus! we get to eat in one plate all 12 of us. haha!

My mom would be so worried I'd get sick. So,she flooded me with vitamins.

When we started growing up,went to different schools (though I wanted to be in the same school as they were in).

I went into private school. Didn't have much friends during late elementary years and highschool. Though I had friends but didn't totally have a connection with them.

I was always into a fight. Girls my age didn't want me. I was the subject of gossip (girls my age didn't know guys were twice as mean). So,most of my friends were guys,school janitor and the bus driver...

I started to have friends when I hopped into college. Friends that are girls and they happen to be my friends up until now. Though we're now living different or separate lives together if time is ours we'd meet up and catch up on each others tales and stories. I miss them a lot!

There are times in our lives when we keep on looking for something and we basically don't know what we're looking for and at times or most of the time what we're looking for is right infront of us... Time may change us, careers may keep us busy, and at times tired by circumstances but friends will be friends no matter how far away we are from each other.

Well, its never too late to take a look back even for five minutes. For when we look back that's the time we realize how far we've come,how wonderful we've changed, the lessons we learned, the persons we've met and the things that made us happy all through these years.

bad news...good news!

For the bad news first...We just knew that my aunt and her daughter were one of the passengers of the capsized MV Princess of the stars. My cousin had a job interview bound for Singapore and my aunt accompanied her. Little did we know her dreams died too soon. Our heartfelt condolence to the Rosello Family.


how do I start with the good news...

I have always been fascinated by my mom's collection of jewelries. She has this eternity ring in gold setting. Im not a big fan of gold jewelries but this ring is awesome. I have tried everything to get my hands on that ring...been wanting to borrow it, but for her it's the most precious one since it was the perfect pair for her wedding no can do!

So, my mom and I went out.. gone malling. I was eyeing on this eternity ring inside a silver shop ( since its the only thing I can afford..white gold would be nice..hehe!)

I asked the saleslady if they had that design for my finger size fortunately they did! yehey! but just can't afford to buy a ring for now.

Then my mom asked me Do you like it? I said yes but I can't afford a ring for now. It can wait. Here's the best part...! Don't change that channel..
She told me I'll buy it for a birthday gift..haha!

Well it would be too early for a birthday gift two months ahead!
but what the heck! It's something I have always wanted... I was caught off guard..shocked maybe. I didn't know my mom would buy me a ring yesterday. Thank you!

where are my wings?

b In time...

I will spread my wings and fly freely...


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